Dust Stop

Dust Stop® products are environmentally friendly and non-corrosive alternatives to traditional road dust control methods.

Traditional dust control products have a range of negative side-effects in terms of their effect on the environment, such as the use of highly corrosive chloride-based road salts, which can cause rust on vehicles and be harmful to roadside vegetation. This is why all Dust Stop products are made using environmentally friendly inputs, that have no adverse impact on the environment. Beyond Dust Stop® products’ environmental features, these solutions have been designed to withstand heavy traffic, such as mine haul roads, yet be cost-effective enough to be used as road dust suppressants on secondary roads for counties and municipalities, with limited budgets. All Dust Stop® products are applied using standard equipment and techniques, allowing for ease of use for our customers worldwide, whether being applied to a municipal road, haul road dust control project, or a mining tailings pile.

Dust Stop is available in three distinct forms to better meet the requirements of different dust control needs:

Dust Stop Municipal Blend

was specifically designed for customers looking for a cost-competitive, yet non-corrosive alternative to products such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. The product features inputs that are all environmentally friendly binders and hardeners that offer enhanced dust control results for a variety of road dust suppression needs. Dust Stop Municipal Blend can be used in even the most environmentally sensitive environments and is applicable to a wide range of road material types, offering a unique and proprietary solution for dust control that is applicable using standard equipment and techniques. Due to its concentrated form, Dust Stop Municipal Blend offers an unrivalled solution for an extremely cost effective dust control method, worldwide.

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate

is a dust control product designed with ease of application and long lasting dust suppression results in mind. Perfectly suited for the mining industry or any other highly travelled roads, Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate can penetrate even the hardest packed soils and withstand even the weight of heavy haul trucks. Its unique formula is able to provide unparalleled dust control while being extremely cost effective over the long term. Due to its liquid form, Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is extremely easy to mix and apply, creating a highly flexible film once cured on the road. The highly concentrated formulation of the product allows it to be mixed with several parts water prior to its application and is applicable to any soil type. Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate binds all the soil materials together to form a dust-free barrier resulting in the ideal dust control solution for haul roads, tailings piles, and a number of other dust control needs

Dust Stop Powder

is a highly concentrated, organic-based, cellulosic product that is applicable for a number of unique erosion control and dust control requirements. Perfectly suited for applications in environmentally-sensitive areas, not only is the organic composition a desirable quality, but so are the reduced shipping costs associated with transporting a highly-concentrated powder product.. Dust Stop Powder is mixed with water just prior to the product’s application and is then directly sprayed onto the desired area. Typical applications for the product would be erosion control of embankments and slopes, an additive for hydro seeding, and unique applications such as dust control of horse riding arenas.