Dust Free Hoppers

Dust free hoppers concentrate the discharge of a dry substrate into a homogeneous free-fall stream falling onto any designated storage area of trucks, railcars, silos, storage containers, sacks, ships or open surfaces.

Dust free hoppers suppress dust, reduce risks, health hazards, material loss, cleaning and maintenance costs, and increase storage capacity.

We have a total of 11 dust free chute sizes available

The size selection depends on your product, bulk density and flow. Your decision about the size should be made together with us.

Standard material version of dust free hoppers

  • Polypropylene and nylon version for most applications
  • Steel and 304 stainless steel version for hot or abrasive products
  • 316 stainless steel for food and highly corrosive materials
  • Galvanized steel, Hardox and others

Five reasons why to deal with dust suppression together with VIVO consult

  1. We’ll find out what issues you are dealing with.
  2. We will familiarize you with the level and form of consequences if the issue is not resolved.
  3. We will design and implement a solution that will benefit you, your surroundings and nature.
  4. We will prepare professional training, provide servicing and spare parts
  5. A clean environment has an impact on everyone’s health. Take the first step to improve it and contact us.

Dust free hoppers and their use

Dust free hoppers are used to suppress dust during vertical transport of dry, granular, and free-flowing products. Dust free hoppers are used for the loading of fertilizers, food products, animal food and pellets, wheat, barley, sugar, salt, sand and gravel. Click here to find out if we have already tried dust free hoppers for your dry material. If your product is not on the list, contact us and we can try it out.

Dust free hoppers are placed under a drop-off position when loading into any destination storage facility, such as trucks, railcars, storage containers, sacks, containers, boats or open surfaces.


We supply two models that can be of any size or material of which they are made.

  • The standard model does not require any tools and has no internal moving parts.
  • The PFC (Speed ​​Control) model has a computer flow rate control system for products of various density, which allows for unloading of different materials into the same vehicle. All models of dust free hoppers can be configured for PFC control.