Live a healthier and better life with VIVO consult

In the last few years, man has taken more from nature than he has given back. This has started to project into the environment to which all forms of life are related. VIVO consult s.r.o. was established in 2012 to take part in the improvement of our living conditions actively.

A healthy life cannot do without clean air, and therefore we have focused on reducing dust levels in plants whose amounts of impurities can often have irreversible consequences.

The values we cherish  

We provide everything to make plants dust-free and improve air quality. We like to be involved in collaborating to find the optimal solution for a dust-free environment. 

Full A to Z service
From a consultation to an offer, project, development and testing and testing equipment, up to implementation, servicing and innovation.

Environmental protection and applied ecology
We are constantly looking for new methods of air protection. We know that our work makes sense and is a step towards a better future.

Flexibility and partnership 
We do not offer serial production and offhand negotiations but a custom-made solution to the issues that concern you and a personal approach.

Lifetime service 
We see the sense in permanent things that are beneficial to future generations. We provide spare parts for the entire service life as well as professional training.

We will help you to fight dust 

VIVO consult s.r.o. provides individual deliveries as well as complex turnkey solutions in dust suppression. These products e.g. include Dry Fog™, DustTamer™ Wind Fence and Wind Screen Systems, Soil stabilization and Road Dedusting, Antierosion Control, Odour Control and Remediation, Algae Reduction, Waste Water Treatment, Decontamination of Petroleum Products, and a wide assortment of dust-free technological systems for transport and handling of bulk materials.


We have room for research and development 

We are not one of the world’s market leaders in this area, and that gives us the freedom and possibility for a flexible approach. We take advantage of this very valuable asset to solve interesting problems that large companies are not willing to implement.

We build on expertise, skills and rich practice, but that does not stop us from developing. We are still on our way to further knowledge and even better results. That is why we do not hesitate to cooperate with our clients in developing project, the results of which is cannot be determined in advance. 

We are here for you

Our products and services protect the environment not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions. We will be happy to advise you and, if you are interested, we will get down to business together.