From consultations to training

Even though VIVO consult is based in the heart of Europe, its products can be found throughout the world. Each area is somehow specific, and that´s why we will discuss with every client their needs in detail, design a customized solution and ensure its implementation in any part of the world.
Consultations and development

We have rich experience in dust suppression of various materials and transport of bulk materials. However, if we are confronted with a new area, the design itself is preceded by the development and testing of various conditions so that the resulting solution is tailored to the real requirements.

Project documentation

As part of our services, we will provide you with engineering, building and electrical design documentation. We also prepare the necessary documentation for measurement and regulation (MaR). We always take into account the requirements and standards of individual countries; therefore, our result meets not only the needs and requirements of the client but also all technical and safety requirements.

Expertise and training

To be able to use our products for 100%, it is a sure thing for us to provide you with the professional training of operators and service technicians. We offer both partial and turnkey solutions.

Service for the whole world 

At VIVO consult  we create solutions that help our clients improve working conditions, cut costs and work more efficiently. At the same time, all our projects, however, have an added value which we really value, i.e. the care for the planet Earth.

The projects designed by us are always environmentally-friendly. The substances used are biodegradable (sprays) or recyclable (windscreens), and therefore they do not burden the natural environment but, on the contrary, improve the environment surrounding us.

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