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14 Apr

Our proprietary, ultrasonic dry fog system effecticvely sanitizes and desinfects large areas in minutes.

9 Oct

UltraZyme products are available in three powder forms to meet the demands of a number of water-treatment needs (including algae treatment, effluent treatment and remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and water). The concentrated powder form significantly lowers shipping costs associated with competitive liquid wastewater treatment products. The enzyme and bacterial cultures contained within the UltraZyme products […]

24 Sep

Dust Stop® products are environmentally friendly and non-corrosive alternatives to traditional road dust control methods. Traditional dust control products have a range of negative side-effects in terms of their effect on the environment, such as the use of highly corrosive chloride-based road salts, which can cause rust on vehicles and be harmful to roadside vegetation. […]

26 Apr

Dust Solutions, Inc. (DSI) has supplied and commissioned a portable dry fog system at Port Everglades, Florida.  The system was installed on a cement terminal to solve dusting during ship loading and unloading. The key interest of the client in choosing the right dust suppression technologies was to choose a solution that could be used at […]

24 Apr

A unique Adapter ReNo® was introduced to the market. The producer Dust Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of the ReNo®, retractable nozzle adaptor. This new patented technology has been designed to deal with dusty operations that cause problems with the accumulation/sticking of dust on the nozzle (Fogger). Problems with impaired functionality must then solve maintenance technicians during operation, shutdown […]

7 Nov

The term “dry fog” is used where fog is made of droplets in the size of 10 µm or smaller. Special air-atomizing DSN 3, 6, 10 and 12 nozzles produce dry fog. The air passing through a special air-atomizing nozzle sucks water and then, when leaving the orifice of the nozzle, breaks these tiny droplets into ultra-fine droplets […]