Mobile Dry Fog application for ship loading

Dust Solutions, Inc. (DSI) has supplied and commissioned a portable dry fog system at Port Everglades, Florida. 

mobile dry fog

The system was installed on a cement terminal to solve dusting during ship loading and unloading. The key interest of the client in choosing the right dust suppression technologies was to choose a solution that could be used at different points of loading of cement into ships with different hatches.

In order to fully solve the dust suppression needs, it would be necessary to install the system at each hatch, or the ability to quickly and efficiently move the selected system would be necessary.

As a selected technology, Dry Fog has been selected due to its effectiveness in suppressing leakage of cement dust without wetting the material. Fine droplets (less than 10 μm) remain in the cloud and catch most of the dust particles leaking from the loading area.

The device mobility requirement was solved by the DSI manufacturer by a portable Dry Fog system, where the system controls are located in a portable carriage in which four fogging manifolds are located. Manifolds are launched into the cargo space to a position where foggers can form a fogging curtain that agglomerates with dust particles that are generated when the material moves and otherwise leaks from the cargo space into an open environment.

The system can be easily moved by two-man crew and set up in a new position within 30 minutes. On-site visual inspections and air quality testing were carried out. When the dry Fog system was launched, all expectations were met, and the system’s effectiveness was very positively assessed by the customer.

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