Loading spouts

Loadings Spouts provide the dust-free loading of bulk materials in trucks, railcars, containers, tank vehicles, ships and stockpiling. Loading Spouts have three-rope control systems for lifting and launching into the filling position. 

Parts of Loading Spouts 

Loading Spouts consist of the inlet, central and outlet parts. 

The inlet part is usually attached to the conveyer transfer point hoppers, screw feeders, sile outputs, etc.

The central part of the loading spout consists of an internal and external part. The internal part of the transport spout is chosen depending on the type of material. It can be made of telescopic tubes, conical bowls or, if possible, only with an abrasion-resistant bellow. The material of the metal part also depends on the needs and mechanical properties of the material transported. The external part of the spout is used to connect to the exhaust that allows dust to be exhausted during the loading.

The outlet part of the spout may be chosen depending on the place of filling.

Tank filling

The spout is made of a seating part to fill tanks. This conical rubber-coated part touches the tank orifice and seals the area around it. The outlet part also includes a bulk material level sensor.   

Loading of open vessels

To load open areas of trucks, railcars, ships, or any other open spaces, the outlet part of the spout is completed with an expanding part so that it can create a sufficient internal space for the material falling on the loading area. After having filled this space partially, it is used to seal the internal space of the transport spout at the same time. The outlet part of the spout also includes one or more bulk material level sensors.

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