In transport, safety is crucial, but it can be adversely affected by weather conditions. Especially in open parts of roads, drivers encounter wind gusts and snowdrifts. Accident rate is also affected by the headlight glare of oncoming vehicles. These risks can be eliminated with Glaretamer™ that is a superstructure to windscreens.

In VIVO consult we care for protection of the environment but also safety and health, which usually goes hand in hand. If it is your goal to improve these areas, do not hesitate to contact us and we will work together with you to find a solution that will match your needs.
Glaretamer™ fighting sun rays

In fact, Glaretamer™ uses other properties of Dusttamer™ windscreen systems. Glaretamer™ prevents sunlight from passing through. This optical windscreen can advantageously be used as a wall between two directions on the road (e.g. highways, dual carriageways, etc.). Glaretamer™ screen is vertically transparent. Transparency, however, decreases with the angle of the impact of light on the screen. At an angle that passing cars have with the screen, it is completely non-transparent.
Snowtamer™ fighting snowflakes

Snowtamer™ belongs to the same category. It is a screen built on the windward side of roads and bridges that not only decreases the velocity of wind gusts, but also entraps snowflakes. It is very easy to fix Snowtamer™. The screen is stored in rolls and due to its low weight, the product is easy to manipulate.