Dry fog dust removal – Dry Fog™

The term “dry fog” is used where fog is made of droplets in the size of 10 µm or smaller.

Special air-atomizing DSN 3, 6, 10 and 12 nozzles produce dry fog. The air passing through a special air-atomizing nozzle sucks water and then, when leaving the orifice of the nozzle, breaks these tiny droplets into ultra-fine droplets by impacting the resonance plate. In this way, it converts more than 92% of the volume of water into droplets in the size of 1-10 µm.

Dry Fog™ dust removal is used especially in industries and productions with hygroscopic materials.

Principle and use of Dry Fog™

Water droplets have the tendency to attach to the smallest dust particles of all kinds of bulk materials. The DSI systems use compressed air and clean water to produce these 1-10 micron droplets (Dry Fog™). These ultra-fine water droplets are combined with particles of airborne dust, sometimes also called PM-10 (particulate matter 10 microns or smaller).

Subsequently, the slightly wetted particles become heavy enough to fall back into the process. While doing so, they do not wet the material, and therefore dry fog can be used for hydroscopic materials or in the plant where added water would damage the material (fertilizers, cement mixtures, grains and grouts). 

It is important to note only the dust, not the material becomes wet. This results in very low water consumption, requiring no expensive chemicals or significant wetting of the product. 

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Where does the system work?

Dry Fog™ systems have proven to significantly reduce fugitive dust from a variety of industrial sectors, such as conveyor transfer points, trippers, reclaimers, crushers, screens, truck dumps, railcar / truck / ship loaders-unloaders, and ash silos and discharge chutes.  

Dry Fog™ systems can meet all requirements for explosion hazard areas. The systems can operate in temperatures as low as -37 °C. Due to the phenomenon known as “cloud physics”, fog droplets will not freeze due to their lack of mass.  

What are the advantages of DRY FOG™?

  • Effective dust reduction by more than 90 %
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Flexible system configuration
  • No chemical additives
  • Low costs

Total capital, investment and operating costs are more cost-effective than costs of air-conditioning or chemical additive systems. 

What do we deliver?

In a standard set, you will receive a control unit with a pre-programmed unit, water and air treatment unit, pressure control unit, connecting lines, feed lines and nozzle holders, instruction and maintenance manual, a list of spare parts. 

However, VIVO consult  does not only provide turnkey implementations but also partial jobs to your needs (consultation, designing, production, training, servicing and more). Due to our size and flexible team, we have the conditions to address the specific requirements of small businesses as well as large companies. We will prepare a tailor-made dust suppression system that will improve not only the work environment in your area, but also have a positive impact on the whole environment.

Options and solutions 

Depending on the dust level in your plant, we can prepare a tailor-made project and implement it. What else can we provide? 

  • Air compressors
  • Pressure reservoirs
  • Pumps
  • Self-cleaning secondary filtration systems
  • Ionizing water treatment plants
  • Protection against Legionella