The ReNo® adaptor protects Fogging Nozzles

A unique Adapter ReNo® was introduced to the market. The producer Dust Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of the ReNo®, retractable nozzle adaptor.

This new patented technology has been designed to deal with dusty operations that cause problems with the accumulation/sticking of dust on the nozzle (Fogger). Problems with impaired functionality must then solve maintenance technicians during operation, shutdown and system maintenance to restore the proper operation of the nozzles.

Fogger – Misting nozzles in a protective case

The fogger works completely automatically in two simple steps. When the system is turned on, the nozzle will automatically slide forward outside the protective case. On the contrary, when the fogging system shuts off, the nozzle automatically begins to retract into the protective case.

The impurities are wiped off the surface of the nozzle by moving through the transverse elastic slots and the nozzle is stored in the housing and is thus also protected from mechanical damage.

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What is the ReNo® adapter exceptional?

“The goal of the ReNo® product development is to ensure the reliability and functionality of the system even in the most demanding conditions of our customers,” says Vitezslav Votruba, CEO of the company. “DSI is aware of the needs of operations with the emphasis on minimal maintenance costs. We therefore strive to provide a technically superior product that is economically available and reliable,” added Votruba. “With adapter ReNo® is possible to achieve compliance with the standards of dust emissions with minimal time and maintenance costs.” ReNo® adapter works effectively with materials that tend to settle and harden on devices like Coal, ash, clinker, bauxite, etc.

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