Wastewater Odour Control

Odours are generally emitted as source of odours and organic compounds decompose or volatilize.

How It Works

UltraZyme is effective as a seed or maintenance culture to optimize the biological degradation of organic compounds and reduce associated odours. UltraZyme effectively eliminates accumulated fats, oils & grease (FOGs), fecal matter, undigested foods, as well as other organics (including scum and bottom sludge) that contribute to the build-up of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide gases (H2S) and bottom solids in the water. UltraZyme also works to unclog pipe / drain systems and keep grease traps and interceptors clog-free and odour-free.


Bioaugmentation with UltraZyme ensures a maintained population of only beneficial microorganisms, thus reducing the population of odour-causing Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria (SRBs) in the anaerobic or facultative systems. By this action, odours are destroyed directly from the source, preventing the build-up of hydrogen sulfide gases (H2S) and ammonia.

How to Use

Available in a highly concentrated powder form. To use, mix the prescribed amount of UltraZyme with warm water or wastewater directly from the system to be treated and apply directly into the system.

Contact your local Cypher representative to discuss application rates.

Supplied in 20lb pails. Guaranteed minimum shelf life of 2 years when stored as directed.