Organic Wastewater Treatment

UltraZyme is used to optimize biological degradation performance and reduce excessive organic loading in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems. UltraZyme is effective as seed or as maintenance cultures for the biodegradation of a wide range of municipal and industrial organic wastes including animal, fecal and plant wastes, pulp and paper process wastewater, and other protein and fat-based wastes.


Utilizing UltraZyme as part of the treatment program will:

  • Provide optimized degradation of organic wastes, including fecal, blood and fats from animal slaughterhouses, meat, poultry and produce processors etc.
  • Metabolize organic sediments in stagnant lagoons or treatment ponds, even under low oxygen conditions.
  • Reduce overall sludge volume in clarifiers and treatment lagoons through enhanced biodegradation and heightened floc formation with good settling characteristic.
  • Reduce the population of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria (SRBs) in anaerobic systems thus alleviating odour issues.
  • Improve biogas production and the overall performance of anaerobic digesters.

How To Use

Available in a highly concentrated powder form. To use, mix the prescribed amount of UltraZyme with warm water or wastewater directly from the system to be treated and apply directly into the system.

Contact your local Cypher representative to discuss application rates.

Supplied in 20lb pails. Guaranteed minimum shelf life of 2 years when stored as directed.