UltraZyme AquaCulture Powder

UltraZyme AquaCulture (UZAC) powder is an effective product for pond and algae treatment. It is designed to break down excess waste material in ponds, reducing the amount of available nitrogen and the algal population.

UZAC reduces fecal matter, undigested food, as well as other organics (including scum and bottom sludge) that contribute to the build-up of ammonia and bottom solids. Odours, as well as growths on walls and surfaces, are minimized as well. UZAC out-competes pathogenic bacteria and removes organic pollutants as soon as they are formed, ensuring a healthy, disease-resistant environment for marine life.

UZAC is excellent for fish farms and fish processing plants, lowering the maintenance cost and optimizing the water quality conditions in an environmentally friendly way. UZAC digests bottom materials found in ponds and fish harvesting areas, which optimizes BOD removal and COD removal. The product further reduces the organic matter in the water column, leading to cleaner water and higher oxygen levels, improved clarity and reduced turbidity. UZAC is an ideal algae treatment product for areas with aquatic life.

UZAC is optimal for the reduction and control of algae. It works in a unique way by out-competing algae for its food source. Traditional wastewater treatment and algae treatment products (algaecides) work to reduce algae by killing off the algae. The dead algae then sink to the bottom of the pond or body of water and add to the mass of bottom solids and sludge. This sludge layer of rotting organic material and dead algae then starts to decay, releasing more nutrients back into the water, which feeds more algae and makes the algae problem worse over time. UZAC does not kill the algae; as stated above, it out-competes the algae for its food source. Once the algae begin to die, the cultures in the UZAC formula then consume the dead algae, providing long-term algae reductions rather than a temporary solution like algaecide products.

The cultures in UZAC are stabilized and shipped in spore form, ensuring long-term stability and extended shelf life.

UZAC can be used for the following applications:

  • Ponds
  • Aquariums
  • Lakes
  • Golf Courses
  • Aquaculture (Fish and Shrimp Farms)
  • Fountains
  • Lagoons
  • Control of Algae Blooms