UltraZyme Hydrocarbon Powder

UltraZyme HydroCarbon Powder (UZHC) has been created to suit unique effluent treatments as well as oil spills on land and in water. UZHC is a blend of environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to consume, digest and reduce oil / gas as well as a number of other hydrocarbon-related spills and contamination in a wide variety of applications.

This product is effective across a broad range of pH levels and temperatures and can be used to treat liquid tailings, oil and gas spills (land and water), and for hydrocarbon contaminated wastewater treatment.

Cypher’s UZHC blend contains a synergistic blend of petroleum-degrading and organic waste-degrading bacterial and enzyme strains that are extremely resistant to both the sudden influx of heavy metals and hydrocarbons. Each strain in the UZHC blend was selected to work under diverse environmental conditions and provides efficient digestion of hydrocarbon and petroleum degradation by-products.

UZHC contains proven petroleum-degrading strains that metabolize and reduce hydrocarbon products such as gasoline, oil, diesel, and BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene).

UZHC digests hydrocarbons in applications such as:

  • Hydrocarbon contaminated wastewater treatment
  • Marine bilges
  • Car/truck washes
  • Soil remediation
  • Cleanup­ Oil spills on land and in water
  • Digestion of oily residues in a variety of applications

The cultures in UZHC are stabilized and shipped in spore form, ensuring long-term stability and extended shelf life.