UltraZyme Powder

UltraZyme Powder (UZP) is a multi-use powder product specifically designed to reduce organic contaminants in a variety of wastewater treatment / effluent treatment applications. It is effective in industrial and domestic wastewater treatment and sewage treatment plants as well as food processing plants, agricultural facilities, meat processing facilities and numerous other water treatment and odour control applications.

The unique cultures within UZP are selected for optimum enzyme and bacteria production, assuring efficient breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats when UZP is applied to any treatment area. A proprietary micronutrient carrier provides accelerated germination and growth, while bacterial enzyme production reduces odour, BOD, COD, suspended solids, turbidity, and ammonia concentrations. UZP works well in aerobic, anaerobic and facultative environments. Cypher’s unique, non-engineered cultures contained in UZP rapidly digest odour-causing organic wastes. Odours aren’t covered up – they are eliminated at the source.

UZP digests organic waste naturally and effectively in applications including, but not limited to:

  • ­Food handling and municipal facilities
  • Domestic wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Animal waste pits, lagoons and storage tanks
  • Septic tanks and holding tanks
  • Leachate ponds
  • Holding ponds
  • Grease traps and fat separators
  • Portable and pit toilets, boats and RVs
  • Post harvest agriculture wash applications

The cultures in UZP are stabilized and shipped in spore form, ensuring long-term stability and extended shelf life.