Each of us is aware that the road can be really dangerous and treacherous in the winter. Such icing or ice can turn every vehicle into an uncontrollable machine in a fraction of a second, and an accident is born. That’s why Cypher Environmental has developed a safer, environmentally friendly VIROTHAW® defroster.

What is VIROTHAW® defroster and where is it used?

The VIROTHAW® defroster is a chloride-free, biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic salt derivative based on a carboxylic acid based on an ionic system of cations and anions. It works on the principle of reducing the freezing point of water and thus creates protection against icing, ice and snow. This means that the water remains in a liquid or semi-liquid state.

VIROTHAW® de-icer in the form of granules

It is available in the form of granules, which are used as a de-icer or as protection against ice formation on any roads, aprons, runways and the like. The VIROTHAW® defroster is mainly used in the winter months, when it increases safety on these areas.

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Frost protection

It is very easy to use, the same as with other commonly used de-icers. Due to its solid form, it passes through snow and ice and turns into a solution that spreads under ice and snow, crushing it and disrupting adhesion to the surface. Once released, it is simply removed mechanically.

Its application as a prevention is also advantageous, as it acts as protection against icing and prevents the binding of snow and water to the surface.

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How to apply:

  • solid format

VIROTHAW® is applied separately using a spreader or mixed with sand.

  • Liquid format

VIROTHAW® should readily dissolve in water at a rate of about 50% weight/weight.

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